Is the hotel open?

Yes, we are open and waiting for welcoming all our guests at the hotel.

Is the mofetta open?

Yes, opening hours between 13 - 17 May 2024 (Monday- Friday): 09.00-15.00.

What cancellation policy applies now?

The confirmation will always include the cancellation policy of the booking. If you book a room as an individual guest, the standard confirmation will have a 3-night cancellation period, except for holidays.

Can I use wellness and restaurant as non-hotel guests?

Our restaurant welcomes non-hotel guests as well. We cannot accept non-hotel guests in wellness, due to high hotel occupancy.

How can I guarantee my reservation?

To guarantee your reservation we kindly ask you to make a full pre-payment for the pre-ordered package and services.
The details for pre-payment by bank transfer:
Legal name of hotel: Parád Park Hotel Kft.
Address: Kossuth Lajos út 372., H-3244 Parádfürdő
Bank account (EUR): K&H Bank, Swift OKHBHUHB, Iban: HU15 1040 0528 0000 1988 0000 0006
We kindly remind you, that you have to bear all bank transfer charges.
Please, send us your invoicing address.

Can I reach the hotel by public transport?

Yes, there is a bus stop called Parádfürdő-kórház, right next to the hotel. You can take a direct bus from Budapest Stadionok Bus Station. There are also direct bus lines from Gyöngyös and Eger.

Can I come by train?

You can take the train to Eger, and there change for a bus that comes to Parádfürdő.

What is the difference between Erzsébet- and Zsuzsanna-wing?

Erzsébet-wing is the historic building deriving from 1893. This building was planned by Miklós Ybl, a famous Hungarian architect. This building was completely renovated in 2002. Zsuzsanna-wing is a completely new building, that was attached to the old, historic hotel building in 2008.

When can I get my room?

  • Check-in time is between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Till what time should I leave my room?

  • Check-out time is between 7:00 am and 10:00 am.

Guarantee for extra charges

Upon check-in guests might be required to provide a credit card guarantee, even if room is prepaid, to cover any extra charges. As an alternative, a cash deposit can be accepted. It will be refunded at the check-out. Debit and credit card authorization will hold the funds until check out, at which time the amount actually incurred during the stay will be charged. Authorized amounts may take up to 30 days after departure to be released by your bank or financial institution and the hotel will not be responsible for any resulting fees or charges.

Is there a possibility for late check-out or use of wellness area?

You can use your room and wellness area till 4:00 pm if you buy our late check-out package. The package costs 26 € for two persons in a double room.

What is the pool water temperature?


  • swimming pool: 25oC
  • sitting pool: 32oC
  • whirlpool: 36oC


  • fun pool: 32oC
  • whirlpool: 36oC
  • outdoor pool: 24-26oC

What is "quiet wellness"?

In our Zsuzsanna-wing wellness we have “quiet wellness” every day between 6 pm & 8 pm, when the wellness section of Zsuzsanna-wing can only be used by adults. Our Erzsébet-wing wellness can be used by children as well, during this period.

When is the outdoor pool open?

The outdoor pool is open from May, according to weather conditions. Outdoor pool closes in September (up to weather conditions).

Where can I get my welcome drink?

At the Zsuzsanna Café for showing your key card.

Are the rooms air conditioned?

All the rooms in Zsuzsanna-wing and in Erzsébet-wing are air-conditioned. The transition from cooling to heating and from heating to cooling is managed centrally by the hotel in autumn and late spring - early summer, depending on weather conditions. Air conditioners in Zsuzsanna-wing guest rooms only operate with the windows closed. We kindly ask our guests not to use air conditioners with open windows in Erzsébet-wing. Please, help efficiency and our environment.

Is there a hair dryer in the room?

Yes, you can find a hair dryer in each guest room.

Can I have lunch at the hotel?

Yes, you can have an á la carte lunch, each day (except for grill days or goulash days and except for special events), between 12:00-14:00 in our Erzsébet Restaurant. Last orders at 1:30 pm. On some summer days we offer grill lunch or goulash in cauldron in the park.

What is that 5 000 Ft worth Mátra segway voucher?

The 5 000 Ft worth Mátra segway voucher, that you get in our hotel can be redeemed at the High Tech Sports Base in Mátrafüred, in case of a minimum of 20 000 Ft reservation of their services.

Can I have some other services instead of Mátra segway?

This is a special promotion, which cannot be changed to any other services.

Is there thermal water in the hotel?

There is no thermal water in the hotel.

There are three types of medicinal waters is Parádfürdő:

  • Salty alum bathing water (for specific gynecological treatments)
  • Parád sulfurous, sour curative water (also called csevice or Parádi water) for drinking cures
  • Iron and lithium containing medicinal water (Clarissa spring) for drinking cures

Drinking mineral sulfurous waters improves digestions. This water has a mild laxative effect and it also plays a role in the detoxification function of the liver.

There is a unique natural phenomenon, called mofetta at our hotel.

What is mofetta?

This unique phenomenon of nature known in the professional terminology as “mofetta” or “dry bath” is a peculiarity of our hotel. Mofetta is carbon dioxide dry bath. This means that there is a special pool filled with carbon dioxide, and this is where you shall go to and sit. The carbon dioxide medical gas reaches up to your chest. This unique natural medical gas found in Hungary is a true balneological treasure. This gas mainly consisting of carbon dioxide can provide cure and ailment for 54 different diseases, such as

  • vascular diseases and disorders
  • locomotor diseases and disorders
  • rheumatological diseases
  • besides these it has a vasodilator effect
  • an effect of improving the general condition and
  • an effect of stimulating the immune system

Can I take small pets with me?

Yes, small pets up to 6 kg are welcome in some of the rooms with street view on the ground floor of Erzsébet-wing. The fee is 26 € per small pet per night. An advance reservation is needed.

Can I find wellness towels and bathrobe in the hotel?

Yes, we provide wellness towels and bathrobes for adults. You will find them in your guest room.

What size is the largest bathrobe?

Size 3XL. You can select the size of the bathroom, during the booking process on the hotel's website and through the link sent to you some days prior to arrival in our welcome email.

When can I have breakfast?

From 07:00 am to 10:00 am.

When can I have dinner?

From 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

Is there WIFI in the hotel?

Yes, there is free Wifi in the hotel. You have to connect “Erzsebet Vendég” connection. There is no ID, you have to accept the terms of use.

Where can I smoke?

Our hotel is 100% smoking free. A cleaning fee of 50 EUR will be charged to any guest who smokes in a room. Additionally, due to local law, smoking is banned in all public areas including the lobby, conference area, and restaurant. There are some designated areas at the hotel, where you can smoke.


National holidays and other peak seasons in 2024 - till date is stay date:
New Year Holidays: till 6 January 2024

15th March National Holiday: 14-16 March 2024
Easter: 28-31 March 2024
Pentecost: 17-19 May 2024
20th August National Holiday: 16-19 August 2024
Autumn Holiday: not known yet
Christmas: 23-25 December 2024
Between Christmas and New Year Holiday: 26-28 December 2024
New Year’s Eve: 29 December 2024 – 1 January 2025
Start of the New Year Relax: 1-8 January 2025
Summer season from 15 June to 31 August is peak season.

Can you provide a special diet?

We kindly ask our individual guests and group members with special dietary requirements, to indicate your preference at the time of booking.

Our gluten-, lactose- and egg-sensitive guests can choose from both the breakfast buffet and the buffet dinner menu in most cases, with the help of the markings next to the food names and the information provided by our waiters. Please, ask for gluten-free bread from our waiters. Guests following a vegetarian diet can usually choose from the buffet menu, but the hotel is not prepared to cater to guests following a vegan diet. Our kitchen does not specialize in cooking free of gluten, lactose or other sensitizing allergens, so we cannot guarantee complete lack of allergens and we cannot take responsibility for this.
We do not always have the raw materials needed for special diets. Our catering unit mostly has ingredients for general meals, so guests with special needs may need to take care of their own meals.

If our guests following a special diet cannot find a meal suitable for their diet in our buffet offer, they can choose food for dinner from a pre-prepared menu selection for our food-sensitive guests.

You can read our gluten- and lactose-free offer by clicking here.

Detailed information regarding the meal ingredients can be asked from Robert Szucs F&B manager at vendeglatas@erzsebetparkhotel.hu.

Where can I download the hotel information in pdf format?

Due to the pandemic situation, the hotel information is not placed in a printed format in the guest rooms, it can be downloaded here .

Hotel map

You can download the map of the hotel here for easier directions .

Registration at the hotel

Under operative Hungarian law the legislation requires data to be recorded for all guests using accommodation services, so recording the data may not be disregarded because of age or any other variable (e.g. the fee payable for the service, discounts, the length of the stay, relationship to the accommodation provider). The guest using the accommodation service must present a document suitable for personal identification to the accommodation provider for the purpose of recording the data. If the documents are not presented, the accommodation provider shall refuse to provide the accommodation service. For further information, please click here.

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