General Terms and Conditions

1. Service provider details

  • Company name: Parád Park Hotel Kft.
  • Address: Kossuth Lajos út 372, H-3244 Parádfürdő
  • Reg.number: 10-09-025820
  • Tax number: 13195364-2-10
  • Tel.: +36 36 444 044
  • E-mail: Web:
  • NTAK: SZ19000153
  • Licence number: 163/2004.

Erzsébet Park Hotel*** is a member of the Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants Association, and accepts its Code of Practice: Etikai Kódex.

2. General Terms

a. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) include all the rules and regulations that apply for the use of the Hotel's services.

b. These General Terms and Conditions do not regulate the cooperation between the hotel and tour operators, travel agencies and conference organizers, that sign a special agreement with the hotel.

3. Contracting Party

a. The Services provided by the Service provider are used by the Guest.

b. The guest shall be the Contracting Party, if it is the guest, who makes the direct reservation for the services. The Service provider and the Guest will be the Contracting Parties if the terms and conditions are fulfilled.

c. In case the services for the Guest are reserved by a third party, the terms and conditions of the cooperation are regulated by the contract concluded by the Service Provider and the third party. Service provider shall not check in such case whether the third party may lawfully represent the Guest.

d. In case the Guest orders medical services, he is obliged to inform the Service provider of his health status. The Service provider is obliged to draw the Guests attention to any potential health risks.

4. Contractual Relationship

a. The Service provider sends a written quotation to the written request of the Guest. Rooms are reserved upon availability, on a first come first served basis.

b. The Contract between the Guest and the Service provider is concluded after Service provider sends a written confirmation of the written reservation (postal, email or online) sent by the guest. Oral reservations or modifications shall not be considered as a contract.

c. The contract is valid for a certain period of time and services and includes the price, payment, modification conditions.

d. In case of an early departure, the Service provider is entitled to receive the total value of the ordered services.

e. The Service provider has the right to re-sell any vacant hotel rooms.

f. The extension of the hotel stay can be initiated by the Guest, and needs the preliminary consent of the Service Provider. In this case the Service provider may ask for a full payment for the services provided so far.

g. The modification of the contract should be made in written form and it should be signed by both Parties.

5. The services of the hotel

a. Accommodation services

i. The Hotel accommodates its guests in two hotel wings, called Erzsébet-wing and Zsuzsanna-wing, in different room types:

  1. Erzsébet-wing, double/ twin room with park view
  2. Erzsébet-wing, double/ twin room with street view
  3. Erzsébet-wing, double/ twin + 1 or 2 extra beds with park view
  4. Erzsébet-wing, double/ twin + 2 or 3 extra beds with street view
  5. Erzsébet-wing, two-storey suite
  6. Erzsébet-wing, two-room suite with a balcony
  7. Zsuzsanna-wing double/ twin room with a balcony
  8. Zsuzsanna-wing double/ twin room
  9. Zsuzsanna-wing double/ twin + 1 extra bed with a balcony
  10. Zsuzsanna-wing double/ twin + 1 extra bed
  11. Zsuzsanna-wing suite
  12. Zsuzsanna-wing family family suite (2 bedrooms)
  13. Children up to 2 years can be accommodated in a cot or in parents' bed.

b. Catering

i. The basic hotel package includes buffet breakfast and dinner, available for the hotel guests during the opening hours.

ii. Any food or drink can only be taken out of the restaurant with the prior permission of the Food and Beverage Manager.

iii. Á la carte meals are available in the hotel's restaurant, during the opening hours.

iv. There are two further catering units in the hotel: the Erzsébet Bar and the Zsuzsanna Café.

v. Our gluten-, lactose- and egg-sensitive guests can choose from both the breakfast buffet and the buffet dinner menu in most cases, with the help of the markings next to the food names and the information provided by our waiters. Guests following a vegetarian diet can usually choose from the buffet menu, but the hotel is not prepared to cater to guests following a vegan diet. Our kitchen does not specialize in cooking free of gluten, lactose or other sensitizing allergens, so we cannot guarantee complete lack of allergens and we cannot take responsibility for this.
We do not always have the raw materials needed for special diets. Our catering unit mostly has ingredients for general meals, so guests with special needs may need to take care of their own meals.

If our guests following a special diet cannot find a meal suitable for their diet in our buffet offer, they can choose food for dinner from a pre-prepared menu selection for our food-sensitive guests. Detailed information regarding the meal ingredients can be asked from Robert Szucs F&B manager at

c. Conference facilities

i. Conference and meeting rooms can be used after preliminary agreement.

d. Wellness services

i. Hotel guests can use both wellness areas of the hotel during opening hours. Guests must respect the rules of wellness usage.

e. Medical services

i. Medical services and mofetta treatments are available after a preliminary appointment and a doctor's consultation.

f. Activities indoor and outdoor

i. The hotel organizes live music and/or various activity programs for adults and children in certain time periods. The hotel reserves the right of changing the programs.

ii. Guest must respect the rules of the bowling and billiards room.

6. Prices

a. The hotel room rates are displayed on the hotel's website, at the reception or in the guest room.
b. The prices of the hotel's other services are displayed in the relevant unit of the hotel – restaurant, bar, café, wellness, mofetta.
c. The Service provider reserves the right to change published prices without prior notice.
d. The Service provider specifies the statutory tax rates included in the prices. The Service provider will charge any additional costs arising from the amendment of the tax laws to the Contracting Party.
e. The published prices do not include local tourist tax (IFA), which has to be paid on the spot.
f. The Service provider publishes its package offers, discounts and promotions on the website.
g. The package offers, discounts and promotions are valid only for a limited number of rooms.
h. The package offers, discounts and promotions are only valid for individual bookings, unless expressly stated otherwise.
i. The discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.
j. The Service provider does not publish the rates for conferences, meetings or any other groups. Group offers are sent on request.

7. Children's policy

Children on extra bed or in a cot – sharing their room with their parents will receive the following discounts:


  • 0-5 years, maximum 2 children, 100% discount; 3rd, 4th and so on child will receive 50% discount from the price of the extra bed
  • 6-12 years, 50% discount from the price of the extra bed
  • above 12, price of the extra bed is to be paid

8. Balcony surcharge – Zsuzsanna-wing

Standard rooms with a balcony in Zsuzsanna-wing can be reserved with a balcony surcharge.

9. Parkview surcharge – Erzsébet-wing

Rooms with a park view in Erzsébet-wing can be reserved with a park view surcharge.

10. Small pets (dogs, cats)

a. Small pets up to 6 kg are welcome at designated rooms with street view in Erzsébet-wing. The fee is 26 €/ pet/night. An advance reservation is necessary for small pets.

b. Small pets are not allowed to attend the wellness area, the Zsuzsanna-wing and the restaurant. Small pets can use the public areas for transiting to bedrooms without disturbing other hotel guests.

c. Guests must take full responsibility for any damage caused by their pets.

d. Hotel reserves the right to revoke the permission for bringing the pet in the hotel, if it turns out upon arrival, that the size, weigh or type of the pet is different from what was given during the reservation procedure.

11. Payment policy

a. The Service provider can ask for a partial or a full pre-payment or credit card guarantee from the Contracting Partner to guarantee the reservation. The conditions of necessary pre-payment are written in the booking confirmation.

b. Method of pre-payment might be bank transfer, credit or debit card, cash or Szép card. Any bank transfer costs incurred shall be born by the Guest.

c. In case the reservation is made on the day of arrival, a full pre-payment of the ordered package will be asked for prior to check-in.

d. Pre-payment (guarantee) deadline in summer high season (15 June – 1 September) and for peak season reservations is 5 days after making the reservation.

e. Pre-payment (guarantee) deadline for reservation between 2 September - 14 June is also 5 days after making the reservation.

f. For special offers special payment conditions might apply, that are part of the offer and confirmation.

g. The Service provider is entitled to ask for a payment guarantee for the extra services (food and beverage, medical treatments, etc.). The guarantee can be cash deposit or credit card authorization.

h. All hotel costs and charges are payable upon departure, the latest.

i. Guests can pay their invoices by credit or debit card, cash in Hungarian Forint, US Dollars or Euros, according to Hungarian laws.

j. When making a card payment, the Hotel may ask for the identification of the card holder.

k. The agreements with travel agents and conference organizers might have different payment conditions, which are written in the signed agreement.

l. The pre-condition of issuing a gift voucher is the full pre-payment of the total value of the voucher. Gift vouchers can be used within the date of validity written on the voucher, after prior consultation with the hotel and according to the hotel's availability and in compliance with these general terms and conditions. Gift vouchers cannot be changed for cash and will expire after validity date.

12. Cancellation, modification policy

a. All ordered services can be modified or cancelled only in written form.

b. Modification of the dates or number of participants or room is free of charge until the cancellation deadline.

c. For any modification in the reservation dates or numbers for high season a modification fee equal to cancellation fee will be charged.

d. Cancellation of reservations in low season (between 2 September and 14 June) is free of charge till 5 pm GMT+1 on the 3rd day prior to arrival. In case of a late cancellation, no show or early departure a one-night fee will be charged.

e. Cancellation of reservation for the summer high season (between 15 June and 1 September) is free of charge till 5 pm GMT+1 on the 7th day prior to arrival. In case of a late cancellation, no show or early departure a one-night fee will be charged.

f. For National Holidays and other peak seasons special cancellation policies apply. Cancellation is free of charge till 5 pm GMT+1 on the 14th day prior to arrival. In case of a late cancellation or no show 50% of the total costs will be charged as cancellation fee.

g. New Year's period is a special booking period with individual reservation and cancellation conditions. Cancellation of reservations for New Year's period is free of charge up to 21 days prior to arrival. For cancellations between 21 and 6 days prior to arrival a cancellation fee of 50% of the total ordered services, in case of a cancellation within 6 days prior to arrival, no show or early departure a cancellation fee of 100% of the total ordered services will apply.

h. Special terms and conditions apply for groups, events or travel agencies if the agreement signed contains such conditions.

i. The above terms and cancellation apply as well to the cancellation of services reserved online.

13. Peak seasons

a. Peak seasons (national holidays and other) in 2024 (till date is stay date): New Year Beginning 1-7 January 2024, 15 March long weekend: 14-17 March, Easter Weekend: 28 March - 1 April 2024, Spring School Holiday: 1-7 April 2024, Pentecost: 17-20 May 2024, 20 August long weekend: 16-20 August 2024, Autumn School Holiday: 25 October - 2 November, Christmas: 23-26 December 2024, Between Xmas and NY: 26-29 December 2024, New Year's Eve: 29 December 2024 - 2 January 2025.

c. Summer time between 15 June and 31 August belongs to peak seasons.

14. Terms and conditions of using hotel services

a. Check in is between 3.00 pm and 8 pm on the day of arrival. Check out time is between 7.00 am and 10.00 am on the day of departure.

b. The hotel can provide early check in or late check out depending of the occupancy of the hotel. Luggage can be stored at the reception if needed.

c. Early check in is available from 10.00 am if confirmed by the hotel one day prior to arrival, upon availability. The early check-in fee is 25.5 €/ room. 

d. The guests must fill in and sign the registration card during check in. By signing the registration card, the guest accepts the general terms and conditions and the house rules of the hotel. The guest must respect the house rules of each unit of the hotel during the stay.

e. Late check out is available according to current hotel occupancy.

i. The fee for late check out is 25.5 €/ room for 2 persons. Late check out fee for additional persons in the room is 13 €/ person; 6 €/ child 6-12 years; and free of charge for maximum 2 children under 6. Late check out fee includes the use of the room and wellness areas till 4.00 pm. on the day of departure.

f. The hotel takes no responsibility for any injuries caused by the guest's fault.

g. Guest must take all reasonable precautions to avoid damage or interference with any items belonging to the hotel. Guests are requested to bring any damage to the hotel immediate attention.

h. Hotel reserves the right to charge guests the cost of replacing any items that are removed from the premises by them without consent. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing item, including any carriage charges. Should the fact that the item is missing come to light after the guest has departed, hotel reserves the right to make a charge to the guests credit / debit card, or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address.

i. The entire hotel is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas outside the hotel.

15. Refusal to fulfil the contract

a. The Service provider is entitled to terminate the contract in case of

i. Malicious, wilful, or negligent damage or interference to the hotel or property

ii. The guest is suffering from a contagious disease

iii. The guest is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or demonstrates threatening, insulting or other unacceptable behaviour

iv. The guest fails to comply with the payment obligations.

16. Guarantee for accommodation

a. In case, the Hotel is unable to provide accommodation for the Guest through the Hotel's fault (e.g. overbooking, operating problems, etc.), Hotel shall find substitute accommodation for the Guest.

b. In such a case the Hotel shall offer the Guest another hotel of the same or higher category at the same price that was confirmed to the Guest. All extra costs related to the provision of the substitute accommodation shall be born by the Hotel.

c. The extra costs related to the provision of the substitute accommodation including transfer costs to and from the substitute hotel shall be born by the Hotel.

d. The Hotel offers the Guest to make a phone call free of charge to let relatives know about the change.

e. If the hotel fully complies with these obligations, and the guest accepts the substitute hotel, the Contracting Party may not claim damages subsequently.

17. Sickness, death of the guest

a. In case the guest becomes ill during his stay at the hotel, and is unable to act in his own interest, the Hotel will offer medical assistance.

b. The hotel might claim compensation in case of the Guest's sickness or death from the person's next of kin heir or invoice payer for any medical costs, services used by the guest, or for damage caused to the equipment or furniture of the hotel.

18. The rights of the Contracting Party

a. The Guest is entitled to use the ordered guest room and all public spaces of the hotel that are part of the usual services and not subject to any special terms or conditions.

b. The Guest may file a complaint about the services during his stay at the hotel. The Hotel agrees to handle each complaint that is submitted in writing during the guest's stay.

c. The guest' right to file a complaint ceases after he checks out from the hotel.

19. Responsibilities of Contracting Party

a. The contracting party shall pay for the services ordered by the date and method specified in the contract (confirmation).

b. The Guest shall make sure that children under 14 and in his care are accompanied by an adult at all times.

c. The Guest shall not bring his own food to the catering units of the hotel.

20. The Guest's liability for damages

a. The Guest is liable for any damage and injuries that a third party suffers through the fault of the guest, the person accompanying the Guest or a person the guest is responsible for.

21. Rights of the Hotel

a. To secure its claim, the Hotel is entitled to a lien upon the personal property of the Guest, he brought to the hotel premises, if the guest fails to comply with his obligation to pay for the services he ordered.

22. Responsibilities of the Hotel

a. Hotel is responsible to provide the hotel services ordered and confirmed in accordance with the requirements and service standards.

b. Hotel handles the guest's written complaints, and takes actions for the management of the problem.

23. The Hotel's liability for damages

a. Hotel is liable for all damages that the guest suffers within the hotel through the fault of the service provider or its employees.

b. Hotel is not liable for incidents or damages happened due to unavoidable causes that are beyond the control of the hotel, its employees and guests and were unforeseeable at the time of contracting, and the hotel could not prevent its occurrence.

c. The hotel may designate areas that the guest may not enter. The hotel will not assume liability for damage or injury suffered by the guest in such areas.

d. The guest must report any damage and provide all the information required to clarify the circumstances of the incident or for a police report or investigation.

e. Hotel shall assume liability for the damage in personal belongings if these were handed over to a hotel employee for safekeeping.

f. Hotel takes no responsibility for personal belongings left in the guest rooms or public areas.

g. Hotel takes no responsibility for cars or valuables or personal belongings left in the cars.

24. Confidentiality

a. The Hotel shall act in compliance with Act CXII (2011) on the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information, with the provision of other legal regulations on data protection during the fulfilment of the contract. .

25. Force majeure

Neither party will be liable for performance delays nor for non-performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control (war, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, explosion, strikes, lockouts, slowdowns, prolonged shortage of energy supplies) except for payment obligations. The Parties agree to reduce the possibility of such a cause and to repair the damage or delay as soon as possible.

26. Applicable low, court of trial

Hungarian Law governs all legal relationship between the Service provider and the Contracting Party.

Parádfürdő, 1 September, 2021

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